The Company

Green Applied Solutions (G.A.S.) was launched to design new bio-based products from biomass and waste valorisation to suit customer needs. The company has a 100% green policy aiming to change the mentality of waste as a problem rather than to see it as a resource. At G.A.S., we develop tailor-made solutions according to customer needs including an important part of the company as consultancy for biomass, waste and renewable energy solutions ranging from studies to project management and/or proposal writing.

Green Applied Solutions (G.A.S.) wants to be pioneer in a novel style of green companies for sustainable development. Each single waste material of current industry could open a new set of high added value products to be applied directly in industry or replace current expensive and non benign materials. G.A.S. aims to be considered in the near future as a worldwide leader company in sustainable solutions for industry related to the synthesis of low-cost and novel sustainable products with suitable applications in the Fine Chemical Industry and developer of new applied technologies in the renewable energy field.


Our main values... let us grow with you:

EFFICIENCY: We implement solutions swiftly. Being efficient and effective in our approach to provide the best solution each time. We react quickly in the presence of unforeseen events.

COMMITMENT: Commitment to produce top quality product, service and other initiatives that impact lives both within and outside the organization.

INNOVATION: Innovation is the key to success. We are creative and we look constantly for new ways to improve our products, work and results

QUALITY: Giving the best and unmatched results for all round satisfaction.

OPEN TO CHANGE: We are fully flexible in our work, prepared to redefine it according to circumstances and customer needs.

PASSION: Putting both mind and heart into what we do, makes us unbeatable.

YOUNG LEADER: G.A.S was originally founded by four green talents (averaging 31 years-old) and currently owned by Rafael Luque, a well known and internationally recognised scientist with a broad experience in biomass and waste valorisation to materials, chemicals and fuels.

MULTIDISCIPLINARITY: G.A.S also comprises a skillful multidisciplinary team with strong backgrounds in organic chemistry, materials science and renewable energies. This makes an unique blend for a team able to approach problems from completely different and multidisciplinary points of view, guaranteeing project’s success.